Distance Bracelets - Classic Black and White
Distance Bracelets - Classic Black and White

Distance Bracelets - Classic Black and White

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Material: Stone
Material: 8mm Natural Stone
Colors: Black & White



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Distance Bracelets are designed to make you feel close and connected to your loved ones. It is hard to be away from the loved ones, and the distance and time definitely matter if you are staying away from your family or loved ones. But, with distance bracelets, you can feel that you are close to your loved ones no matter where they are. Now, with these bracelets, you can allow your mom, sister, daughter, friend, or any other who are close to you and know you will have a piece of you with them or piece of them with you all the time. Distance bracelets come in two pieces, each of you wears one bracelet so that you and your loved one will have a piece of each other always.

Distance Bracelets are perfect for best friends, couples, and family and they are called distance bracelets for permitting those away from each other to feel connected and close. This beautiful pair of bracelets makes you feel you are there for each other no matter where and no matter how far you and your loved ones live. This bracelet reminds you your loved one all the time and the one that you shared the bracelet also feel the same, it reminds you how much you are missing each other at all times.

You can find distance bracelets in different stones but among them, the best option is the Natural wising healing stones. This Black Matte Agate stone bracelet is for men, and its energy and masculine help them release stress. The White Howlite stone indicates her beauty and pure, and it helps her to be lucky and healthy.

When you have pure love always with you, then you feel that it will always support you every moment and in every step even if they are living at a distance from you. When you know your love is with you, then automatically your life will be beautiful and it will be long. The distance bracelets designed keeping this in mind, and they are designed by concentrating on the inception of the trendy design and fantastic manufacturing process. The creators believe that each bracelet can include an exclusively feminine touch and it makes others think about you at all times.

Long distance relationships are very hard, especially for a romantic couple, keeping their relationship alive and keeping it stabilized in any situation is also very important. Considering the time difference, distance, and ever-pesky feeling of staying away from the loved one physically, all these things take more than just love to keep the relationship strong. That is why these distance bracelets are created to keep the couple strong in their relationship and help both individuals to have effective and constant physical reminder of their loved one unwearyingly waiting.

You can find a variety of Distance Bracelets collection that contains a large number of couple’s bracelets. These distance bracelets are the perfect gifts for the long-distance relationship that can make your loved one feel esteemed and loved no matter how far they are from you. The entire collection of couple bracelets is available in sets. You don’t need to purchase separately, as for every purchase you can get a pair of beautiful distance bracelets that are ideal for you and your loved one.


The distance bracelets are not just for couples, but also for other relationships and friendships. As you all know that love knows no time and distance, no matter how far you are from your loved one, you can still bridge the gap with these beautiful long-distance bracelets, they will remind you of your partner and they will accompany you and your partner every single day. Give this gift to her or him and tell that you always feel them close to you even when they are far away from you. Let these distance bracelets keep the bond strong between you and your loved one.

Here you can find some of the best long distance bracelets so that you can buy the one that is perfect for both, you and your loved one.

Natural Tiger Eye Stone:

This distance bracelet is best suited for couples; it comes in a set of two. The amazing healing power of this natural tiger eyes stone will fill the gap between every long distance couple. This bracelet is designed carefully and handcrafted by professional artisans who are very keen to help couples who are living apart, and this bracelet can make an ideal gift and authentication to your everlasting love.

  • Length: 20cm to 23cm or 7.8inches to 9inches adjustable
  • Valid: Howlite Stones and Tiger Eye
  • Limited Edition
  • 100 percent handmade
  • Set of two

King Crown Charm Distance Bracelet:

It is a beautifully crafted long distance bracelet that is made with black and red beads and embedded with a king crown in the middle, and it comes in a set of two. King crown charm is a perfect option for friends, lovers, or family who wants to be close to you. It is a beautiful bracelet with a trendy king crown and natural stones that can help you convey your love towards your loved ones. This bracelet surely uplifts if your spirits.

  • Length: 19cm to 20cm or 7inches to 8inches, black, and adjustable
  • Valid Natural Stones
  • Classic imperial design
  • High-flexibility elastic cording

Kintsugi Distance Bracelet with Natural Stone:

Kintsugi natural stone is available in 13 variations and it comes in a set of two. This bracelet allows your distance relationship grow stronger. These authentic natural stone beads represent kintsugi, which means the hardship and flaws in your friendship or relationship are part of you both that something that you are not ashamed to show to the world.

  • Length: 18.4cm or 7.2inches, elastic
  • Best Natural Stone Beads
  • Kintsugi inspired bead design

Kintsugi is the Japanese term that uses gold to mend pottery and jewelry, giving prominence to these cracked parts and accepting them. This distance bracelet shows that how far you are from each other and all your imperfections and fights are all the significant parts of your relationship. Accepting all these facts will definitely make your relationship stronger and better.