Relationship Advice - Giving a Damn

After reading many articles concerning advice for relationships I’ve decided to sort out all the info and pull out the really important stuff. So stay tuned for some hard core advice for relationship.

Everybody are talking about communication, caring, loving, empathy and lots of other stuff as well and they are all right to do so, but today I want to talk to you about how to take your relationship to the next level. I don’t just want you to have a good relationship, I want you to have an awesome relationship!

And the keyword here is: Giving a damn.

Advice for relationship: What does it means “Giving a damn”

When I say giving a damn what I mean is you have to avoid falling into routines in your relationship. Let me give you an example, I’ll picture two scenarios and you tell me in which one you’d rather play the major roll:

1) You both come back home from work, eat dinner, maybe see some TV and then go to sleep, hopefully hugging.

2) You come back home from work and jump on one another before you even manage to pass the door, after smooching for a while. You cook together dinner while constantly teasing one another until you can’t hold it any longer and you strip each other right there in the kitchen… this goes on a while until both of you can’t keep your eyes open and you fall asleep cuddled together.

Really, do you need some time to choose?!

Advice for relationship: How to give a damn
Giving a damn actually starts in your mind. You need to consciously decide that you want to do this and that you are willing to invest the energy it takes.

Now it doesn’t require that much energy, but it will feel as if it does at the beginning. Here’s what you want to start doing. You start by listening to your partner. Sounds easy enough right?

But when you listen to your partner you need to start finding out what they really wants. The principle is easy: give them what they wants without them having to ask for it and you will get what you want without having to ask for it!

Here’s an example: If your partner is romantic surprise them every now and then with small romantic gestures like bringing them flowers for no reason at all other than to show them you appreciate them, it can even be as simple as looking them deep in their eyes and saying something like “I am so lucky to have you”.

You’d be surprised at how much influence a sentence like that can have. Point is start giving a damn!

Advice for relationship: What to do next?

Well congratulations, you’ve just started to understand how a relationship really works! Now that you’ve started listening to your partner’s needs it’s time to use them more frequently to break your old habits that gotten you board with the relationship.

When was the last time you gave your partner a massage for no reason at all? When was the last time you took the time for a real foreplay? Can you remember how did your foreplay used to be on your first month together? Don’t you want that feeling back?

Have you tried bringing it back? Here’s a nice exercise for you. Next time you get intimate imagine that you don’t know whether or not your partner will feel comfortable with you in bed and instead of just rushing into sex try to find out step by step if they are ok with it (it will work better if you let your partner into the game as well).